Getting Mewtwo

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7 years ago#1
According to the guide book I need to get Mewtwo's challenge letter for it to appear in Sky Stairway. Anybody know exactly how to get it or if there's another way let me know about it please. The guide book doesn't tell me how to get it's challenge letter.
7 years ago#2
It's a mission that appears on the board
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7 years ago#3
Are there any special requirements for it being posted or is it just random after Sky Stairway is available?
7 years ago#4
I had a pokemon in the cafe give it to me instead.

Pretty sure it can show up in bottles, too.
7 years ago#5
I guess I should ask if I need to be a specific rank to get the challenge or if it doesn't matter.
7 years ago#6
you just need sky stairway and the screte rank
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7 years ago#7
i got mewtwo the otherday i beat him lvl 71

keep going to spindas cafe and tlk to pokemon that apper at the door in the entrance wait for a letter to challge him if u beat him he joins you he is on room 31 bring a lot of apples max ethires

oran berrys
7 years ago#8
i meant to say my pokemon was lvl 71 sorry not mewtwo
7 years ago#9
The floor he's on seems to be a bit random. Mine was 34f, though I haven't heard of any less than 30 yet.

He isn't really a difficult fight, my starter/partner were level 55 and unevolved, the other two members in my team 50 or lower.

Didn't use any seeds, didn't have any ginsengs... he still went down in two rounds of combat.

So yeah. You don't need much preparation.

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