How do I unlock Sky Fissure?

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7 years ago#1
I only make Joke Threads.
7 years ago#2
Oh okay, it says do the Cressalia storyline. How do I access that?!

Oyyy... I just want a Bronzor/Bronzong -_- Does anyone have a Wondermail S code for recruiting it?
I only make Joke Threads.
7 years ago#3
^ is your sig giving us clue? if not then where did you read about this sky Fissure?
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7 years ago#4
My bad. Sky Fissure is actually the Spacial Rift. I just completed the game and I'm trying to build a sturdy team.

The Spacial Rift is unlocked after you talk about space/time with Lapras during or post-Cressalia missions. Palkia transports you to the Spacial Rift that night.

Searching Bronzor, I realize other people are having trouble as well -_- Has anyone found a Bronzor-recruit WMS? If not, it seems like he's going to be tough to grab!
I only make Joke Threads.
7 years ago#5
Oh noes! Now I'm having trouble finding Mr. Mime to unlock the Blizzard level -_-!! I see him at Shaymin's village post game and inside the cafe, but he won't appear next to Kecleon's shop. Suggestions?
I only make Joke Threads.
7 years ago#6
he doesnt appear near kecleons shop anymore you shou;d be able to talk to him outside spindas cafe about blizzard island after a few days of completing sky peak
In Soviet Russia Mudkip liek you

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