What's your team?

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3 years ago#11
My team right now:

Them ain't your funyuns, them's Foxxy's funyuns.
3 years ago#12

- Raichu
- Sceptile
- Shaymin
- Dragonite
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3 years ago#13
right now
lv100 dragonite 999 hp 255 all stats <my main>
-dragon dance
-draco meteor
-wing attack

lv 45 amphros <building up, its move set is pretty good and its in the right iq group to be able to assist my dragonite
-signal beam
-thunder punch
-rire punch

lv 45 trapinch <building up waiting until it gets earth power at lv65...once leveled enough it will have silver wind, draco meteor, and earth power ya an awesome monster room clearer will be very broken in its final form> for now ya its really weak...
-sand tomb
-rock slide
-giga drain

(on the side others I used but are resting at for now) buizel 500 hp and 255 all stats, mew 450 hp and 255 all stats, shaymin 850 hp and 255 all stats...pikachu 150 all stats including hp <main character>, glaceon 180 hp and 175 all stats <partner>

currently at 550 hours ya >_> I think I play this game too much...
My 3ds FC:0989-1899-7615 pm me if you want to add me
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