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Can someone explain the IQ categories and which are the best pokemon for it? (Archived)myzz755/6 6:08PM
Rules for recruiting to happen? (Archived)keepsilent0155/5 6:19PM
Game cartridge (Archived)Sparkey52845/5 3:51PM
Name your 3 fave seeds (Archived)fatekid1545/4 6:29AM
Getting into postgame, a few question about team options. *Spoilers* (Archived)RPGman154/29 7:55AM
Missing game (Archived)fatekid1534/27 3:44PM
My team is no longer cute :( (Archived)fatekid15104/27 3:43PM
is this the best mystery dungeon on DS? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Cartwheel_Kick134/9 7:52AM
need rescued surrounded sea floor 15 ._. (Archived)BlushingPichu23/19 5:45PM
Overleveled? Also, Moveset help? (Archived)keepsilent0153/19 5:06AM
SOS Temporal Tower (Archived)Kylie_Angel33/18 7:26AM
Which Pokemon are the best in the game? (Archived)Baconfry63/17 5:45PM
This is a ridiculously active board... (Archived)keepsilent0133/14 8:30AM
need resuced again mt travial x.x (Archived)BlushingPichu53/11 6:03PM
need rescue World abyss Dungeon (Archived)BlushingPichu33/11 1:49AM
I forgot how OP focus punch was (Archived)ThatStrangeDoll23/2 2:24AM
This needs to come on the Wii U eShop (Archived)palkia1962/26 8:02PM
My idea for amiibo functionality for the next PMD. (Archived)palmtop-tiger52/26 8:00PM
What was it like, playing this game for the first time (Archived)bballdaniel3102/22 4:14AM
Action Replay for Special Episode Dungeons. (Archived)TheShiningNorth12/19 11:58PM
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