Complete Mission Objectives List'

#1GM807Posted 8/31/2010 1:36:53 PM
Hello there

Since the Walkthrough posted here only covers part of the Missions, i wondered if anyone could help me out and provide me with a complete List of Winning/Losing Conditions and/or Mission Objectives. Any Help or a Link would be appreciated, since i've just started the Game...XD

Thanks in Advance
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There's no complete walkthrough or list of mission objectives in English, to my knowledge. The next best thing is this playthrough topic on SRWG forums (registration required), which provides plot summaries and gameplay overviews of the stages involved but only covers one option per pathsplit:

Besides that, the only thing I can think of are the personal notes I took while playing through the game, which are kinda messy and informal.
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Winning conditions:

Stage 24.5: Move Gaiking next to the Overdevil, then kill it.
Every other stage: Kill everything.

It's not a very complicated game.
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^ Besides the one above:

Some missions require you to not allow an enemy to breech an area. Usually, this will be represented by yellow squares on the grid. There are about 3-4 of this kind of missions. Just prevent the enemy from entering the yellow boxes and kill them all.

If I am not mistaken, there are two missions which are timed missions, or it was implied to be, since after each passing turn, a character will pop up and say something, and I will see a number slowly dwindling in their chat box. I usually mop the floor quickly, so this is almost a non-factor. However, I cannot read Japanese, so I may be mistaken on this.

Also, there are two occasions, I believe, where you have to, or can, move the Archangel to a certain point to end the mission.

One other different change is the final mission. You need to destroy the Boss, who will regenerate HP once when its HP is dropped to a certain level. After defeating the Boss, another will pop up (The Final Boss), and you need to destroy that one too. Destroying any of the normal mooks will only cause them to spawn once the number drops to a certain limit ( something like SRW J in that regard)

Other than that, destroying all enemies in your path is pretty much the mission objective.