Multiplayer kinda stinks..

#1iamfuturetrunksPosted 9/2/2009 12:26:49 PM
Okay well I have played both games in the box set thingy and beat them at least both twice at least. And I also finally was able to get into multiplayer and played it and I realized it really does stink quite a lot.

No offense to any of you it just does. I was playing Halo 2 for PC before I got this game and multiplayer is pretty fun on there but it gets kinda old with like the lack of new modded maps cause of the fact you have to buy a separate software that is really expensive.

Anyways I played on the multiplayer for like a few days at least trying a few different scenarios and I found it can be pretty stupid. Like the fact it only takes like two or three bullets (sarcastic) to kill you kinda makes it seem like the armor is basically useless. Compared to Halo 2's multiplayer if you took off all shields in that game then it would be about the same as the multiplayer on here.

The armor is basically useless it seems. But I guess without it you would die in like one shot I guess.

I am not some halo 2 fan I just played it cause I got it free with my new computer a few months ago I just thought this games multiplayer was kinda lame in that sense. The scenarios are kinda fun but when you can respone like at least a 100 times in one game sitting thats pretty bad.

I just think in the next crysis game they should really fix that and make it more like halo 2's multiplayer in that it takes quite a few shoots before you are brought down. Because without it, that "special suit" kinda seems like its not helping at all.

The speed and strength and cloak seem okay though.

I also like the fact you can buy weapons while on the way to the enemy base. And that you can build vehicles. The only thing I didn't like was that I would get close enough to a base after traveling pretty far and get killed just because I got hit like 2-3 times.
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