Milling Sarkhan the Mad's Deck

#1Juventus_10Posted 2/6/2011 10:49:03 PM

I milled Sarkhan the Mad's deck in campaign modedown to about 4 cards and then magically his entire graveyard moved back into his library. Is the game glitched or will it not let me win by milling my opponent's deck down to 0 cards?

#2NiCkO_86Posted 2/6/2011 11:52:12 PM
No, it's actually a creature in his deck that has something like "when this is put into your graveyard, shuffle your graveyard into your library". I forget the name of it. It's something like a 12/12 with annihilate 4. Pretty nasty.
#3The DeadpoolPosted 2/7/2011 1:01:57 AM
There's actually TWO of them. You have to Counterbore, Persuade or Condemn them first. PReferably not Condemn if you have Memory Erosion out, unless you have the means to remove it (Planar Cleansing or Dispeller Capsule).
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