Facing Sarkhan the Mad in Campaign

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5 years ago#1
Just wondering what decks other players used and what strategies worked against him. I had a hard time beating him. First I used MoV, but quickly realized that you can't effectively mill the deck without saving two Counterbores for the two Eldrazi monsters in there, so I tried several others with no success. It wasn't until I went against him with Eons that I beat him, and it was all luck. I managed to get a Deathbringer Thoctar and Hamletback Goliath into play and used them to thin the defenses and pummel his life to nothing, but he was mana screwed the whole time and I was lucky enough that he wasted his Terminates on some of my weaker creatures.

Any advice for consistent results against Sarkhan? (on Planeswalker diff)?
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5 years ago#2
I had success with both Teeth and Eyes. Eyes will keep his hand empty and damage him every turn while teeth will do too much damage to him before he can get his big guns out. I think he was the easiest of the bosses.
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5 years ago#3
After getting beat down many, many times by Sorin in the last expansion, Sarkhan just doesn't feel like much of a challenge this time around. The black discard deck is particularly tough for him to handle.
5 years ago#4
I always find it funny that people seem to think they need to mill with MoV to win with it.

"I tried MoV first, but since it's hard to mill with it, I gave up."

Give me a break.

When I play someone using that deck online, sometimes they can just attack me over and over again and win, but the sit back and mill me out because they think that is the only way to win the deck.
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5 years ago#5
Not at all, I just find that milling with MoV is more effective most of the time.
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5 years ago#6
Well you can try and do both. If the other guy has no blockers and you don't need your Mahamoti or Air Elemental untapped to block his guys (and you aren't worried about haste), attack away!

No point holding back in that situation, that's just bad playing.
5 years ago#7
Things that help your deck beat Sarkhan on a regular basis (the more your deck has, the better), with the most important being first:

1. Speed: Sarkhan's deck isn't very fast and he isn't much of a threat before turn six or seven, although he does defend himself well. Very fast decks can weaken him for a killing blow by then, or outright finish him. Keep the pressure on him by playing very aggressively.

2. Creature removal: In general, direct damage spells (burn) work best here because you can pick off his dragonmaster outcast early, and clear out scorpions to get your damage through. The black terror-type spells are also good, but can't take out the scorpions, and don't work against Ulamog. Blue unsummons can also work but are a temporary solution. Persuading an Eldrazi is a great way to win. White anti attacker removal isn't very effective because he rarely attacks with the dragonmasters, mostly uses the scorpions for blocking, and it won't stop the eldrazi annihilator power.

3. Counterspells: Because Sarkhan's deck is so slow, you can easily have mana and counterspells ready for his big bombs. Save one for turn six dragons and one for late game Eldrazi. Note that if you are at low life late in the game, a huge Banefire shot directly at you is uncounterable.

4. Discard: Early in the game, Sarkhan tends to be a card hoarder because he carries a lot of expensive cards and land fetch. Discard isn't as targeted as a counterspell, but can help you remove big threats early in the game. Note that the Eldrazi will recycle Sarkhan's graveyard, lowering the effectiveness of discard.

5. Lots of cheap creatures: This is part of speed, but having lots of creatures helps, especially if you can pump them up. Sarkhan has tons of creature removal but few creatures in his own deck, so you are generally better off with multiple cheap creatures than a few expensive ones. This will also allow you to make suicide attacks against his defending scorpions and still get damage through. Note that he has infest and damnation, which can still wipe out your army.

My personal favorite deck to beat Sarkhan is the red/blue deck. It's got speed, plenty of removal, and counterspells.
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5 years ago#8
Condemn shouldn't prevent the Annihilator ability according to MtG rules but because this game has the cycle timer, you CAN Condemn an Eldrazi creature before that activated ability resolves. Try it and you'll see.
5 years ago#9
I remember trying it with Divine Verdict and the annihilator power still going off. Maybe I missed the timing of the spell.
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5 years ago#10
You have to do it before the first cycle of the "X" button, otherwise the ability completely triggers. Quite honestly it should trigger regardless. Some things shouldn't be able to be interrupted because it just drags the game out, such as people opting to NOT auto-resolve life gain artifact effects.

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