My fun stops when I see they are using the Vampire deck.

#11Succubus_1Posted 7/1/2011 10:30:39 AM
You don't always need an answer, you just need the bigger guns.
#12TakuruPosted 7/21/2011 5:53:35 PM(edited)
I don't understand why everyone says Apex is weak.

If you can keep your life up until you get 6 land, then your opponent is in trouble. It doesn't matter if your opponent has flying if you are hitting them every turn with superpowered wurms since the deck has so many power up cards. There are lots of low cost cards to build up your land (swordsman that lets you grab a land from your deck, overgrowth, etc.)

That card that gives you 8 life makes up for any damage you've taken trying to build up land. There are also lots of game over cards in Apex. If I draw that spell that summons wolves to the field equal to the number of land you have, or any card that gives me trample, the match is over.

Apex is one of the worse decks until you get 6 land, then it is one of the best decks. It just relies on pure luck more than other decks. You pretty much have to pray that your starting hand has at least 3 land and a low cost creature (hopefully a spider to prevent being chipped to death by flying creatures).