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StickyGet a free Weapon Pack from GameSpot (Sticky)
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Tsteu Armor (Archived)magic_panda24/25/2011
I know this board is dead, but I wanted to say how decent this game is here. (Archived)Justice98405112/19/2010
trade you for a tsteu armour code (Archived)zacwri112/13/2010
Got the Ubisoft Pack and... (Archived)LittleSaber112/7/2010
are there any 3d elements to this game? (Archived)blacktorn39/24/2010
this Game has been a pleasant surprise. (Archived)mario_pot19/23/2010
tetsu armor code (Archived)Pegaso65028/26/2010
How do you smoke out Harper? (Archived)PatrickGalloway18/4/2010
should I rent this game (Archived)BinoWhat18/4/2010
free code for tetsu armor inside. first come first serve. (Archived)pc-ps36027/4/2010
Can you (Archived)CountDog16/25/2010
Best. Idea. Ever. (slight spoilers maybe) (Archived)OzzyMcRcky26/1/2010
Is the online multiplayer still there or it's DEAD? (Archived)ChineseTimLi25/23/2010
Dragon Ball Kai music ripped off AVATAR !!!!! (Archived)nuffsaid0735/19/2010
*spoilers* Human ending (Archived)Shockna25/10/2010
avatar multi player boosting partner needed (Archived)jayz2415/5/2010
If you could live on Pandora as a Na'vi would you? (Archived)
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Got a Tsteu armor code (Archived)-FFantasy-24/28/2010
Anyone have an unused Tsteu Armor code? (Archived)Dahvoo14/22/2010
Gamecrazy weapon codes!!! (2 availiable) (Archived)lazycomplife14/11/2010
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