Assassins Creed Lineage

#1caravania55Posted 10/19/2009 5:51:28 PM

Pretty cool deal.

#2awesomefacePosted 10/19/2009 6:25:06 PM
But it's not even April yet. :|
#3Gr8nSmallPosted 10/20/2009 3:34:03 PM
Cool idea for sure.

By the way, what does April have to do with it?
#4awesomefacePosted 10/20/2009 6:58:55 PM
April fools. It's what they did last year with Zelda.
#5zenomorphPosted 10/20/2009 8:38:15 PM
Looks rather cheesy, if you ask me. But believe it or not, it's more the fact that Giovanni's speech is badly enunciated (mumbled, more like) than the filmography itself. I wonder how the final product will turn out.
#6caravania55(Topic Creator)Posted 10/21/2009 4:14:58 AM

Oh I get the April thing. But this is actually being released. They talked about it at Comi-Con this year.

#7ninjabayPosted 10/21/2009 11:47:41 AM
it seemed nice
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#8Gr8nSmallPosted 10/26/2009 11:10:06 AM
"April fools. It's what they did last year with Zelda."

Ah, thanks for clarifying :-) I do get the feeling that this is the real deal though.
#9bobbyrkPosted 10/26/2009 11:12:23 AM
It is the real deal. The first episode comes out tomorrow. These are prequels to the events that we learn about while playing through Ezio's story.
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#10BillysanPosted 10/26/2009 11:31:13 AM
Yeah there real it's been all over the place for awhile.

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