Ponte De Rialto puzzle... ugh..

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7 years ago#1
even the guide is wrong listing here for this Guardians puzzle on Ponte Di Rialto. can someone tell me which way to turn which circle? i am fed up with this puzzle's interlocking circles. thank you
7 years ago#2
Couldn't tell you which order, but I can tell you what the image is supposed to be:


Use this site for the solutions to all the puzzles, this link goes to the first ten puzzles (the puzzles are numbered by how many you've collected) but there's a link to the next ten at the bottom of the page.

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7 years ago#3
yes i know the image already. yet i cannot figure out how to properly turn it so it does not keep turning the correct part!!! i was on it for like 20 minutes and it just kept ruining it... anyone?
7 years ago#4
This is taken word-for-word from my guide, which worked for me...

1.) Rotate Ring 5 (linked to Ring 2) five notches to the right
2.) Rotate Ring 3 (linked to Ring 4) two notches to the right
3.) Rotate Ring 4 (linked to RIng 1) five notches to the right
4.) Rotate Ring 2 five notches to the left
5.) Rotate Ring 1 (linked to Ring 5) one notch to the left

And just for the record, Ring 1 would be the innermost ring that you can turn. Good luck.
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