Leonardo Da Vinci & Codex Pages. Please Help! Thx!

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6 years ago#1
Hello, 2 questions 1 that has to do with the topic one that doesnt :l=

K I just finished the quest where I was looking for 4 codex pages in monteriggoni
and I found the 2 codex pages in tuscany. But where do I find Leonardo Da Vinci so he can decipher them? He doesnt show up on my map. I used the travel service to go to in front of Leos shop but I sure don't see him ne where.

Also, when I went to tuscany I took the travel service instead of going to the ! out in the field. then I went the the ! that was in tuscany thinking it was just going to be another quest but I guess it was just a contintuation of the ! out in the field at monteriggoni cuz it vanished.
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6 years ago#2
I don't remember exactly but,

1) If you don't see him now, keep playing the story.
2) No you didn't miss any of the synchronization, the exclamation point in the fields just tells you what city or town the story continues in.
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6 years ago#3

If your at the sequence where you have to look for all the codex pages, hes in the Villa's house

6 years ago#4
Tyvm. Another question
Are there any glyphs in the tombs?
6 years ago#5
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6 years ago#6
I was just at that part. Go up to his door and press O.
6 years ago#7
Sometimes he isnt there though Spartex, you visit him more than once
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6 years ago#8
What if you put Codex to the Wall in the Villa without Leonardo Di Vinci decoding them? Can you never gain the health bars if you do that?
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6 years ago#9
You can't do that at all. You can only place decoded Codex pages on the wall. If you haven't decoded them, they won't go up there.
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