The Truth - glyphs 17 and 18 *spoilers*

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Thanks a bunch, Still can't see why the wheel would have to be put in that position, though :(
#22Miles_TengardPosted 11/16/2009 1:57:59 PM
I still cant seem to get the answer for glyph 19. Which pictures do you choose?
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The egiptian one with horus, the piece of cloth with the big fiery thing in the middle, the one with beard god with a nice sun in the background, the one with the dude standing in front of a mountain of flames, aaaaand I can't remember the last one.
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Thank you very much! Damn that one was annoying.
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I need help with glyph 18. Help me plz
#26TheArmentPosted 11/17/2009 4:31:07 PM
No one has answered about #18, need help.
#27BarnozPosted 11/17/2009 9:26:25 PM
Ok, here is how I solved puzzle #18:

the synbols are sumarian numbers:

Y = 1
< = 10

The numbers in the graphic on the left total 35 and the cranial scans has a number 5 on them. This led me nowhere.

So what I did was think this way: The puzzles are getting harder. The code is 603 and the game designers probably took 2 of the numbers off the coded wheel. So I set the 2 blank spaces on 0 and 3 (the number 6 has the YYY symbol aligned to it).

The code wheel has the following numbers:
1-3-9-11-12-?-20-26-?-35 (the ? are the blank spots).

So the 1st missing number must be between 12-20 and the second between 26-35.

Under the 603 code, you can rotate symbols. The symbols there are:

Only numbers 17 & 31 fit the range of missing numbers on the coded wheel.

603 is therefore -> 3-17-31


YYY_____< YYY______<<< Y