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7 years ago#1
Near the end of the game, there is a glpyh puzzle regarding WWII and a < symbol....and the numbers 791.....does anyone have any suggestions?
7 years ago#2


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7 years ago#3
Need help on this one as well.
7 years ago#4
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7 years ago#5

To solve this, you have to figure out in what way the the numbers 0-9 correspond to the symbols on the encoding wheel.

"HINT 1" see below.

Once you've done that, you can guess the missing symbols.

"HINT 2" see further below.

Then arrange the encoding wheel so that the two missing symbols on it correspond to two numbers of the three digit code 791.

"HINT 3" see at the very bottom.

"HINT 1": When you start the puzzle, the encoding wheel is already correctly aligned to the numbers on the inner wheel, meaning that, when you start out, the symbol above 1 is the correct symbol for "1", the symbol above 2 is the 2 and so on. From this you can guess what the system/pattern is.

"HINT 2": The symbols' corners equal their number, meaning the symbol for 1 has 1 sharp corner, the symbol for 0 is O, and so on. Knowing this, you can guess the missing symbols for 4 and 8 from the other symbols you have available in the encoding section under the three digit code 791.

"HINT 3": The blank spaces go over 7 and 1 on the encoding wheel. For future puzzles, you should always try to arrange the missing symbols on the wheel to the numbers you should encode. Ten all you need is the system of the encoding wheel.

7 years ago#6
Glyph's were mentioned in the press blurbs.

Glyph's with puzzles of WW2 pictures aren't even in the ballpark of revealed public info. No mentions in the press, or on tv, or in magazines. Not common info, hence the needed *spoiler* tag. Your argument is incompentant and invalid. In the future, I suggest you think before you attempt to insult someone's intelligence. Unless you truly wish to prove your lack of it.

I posted a topic asking info about stuff at the Villa, and I STILL had the sense to use a *spoiler* tag.
The World Needs a Deadpool game.
7 years ago#7
Also, I will not get off the drugs. I rather enjoy them.
The World Needs a Deadpool game.
7 years ago#8
akumsa42, a spoiler is a major revelation or plot twist reveal.

Only a pedantic dullard would think otherwise.
7 years ago#9
Oh and Perkovski, please go cry like a little baby to get this post deleted.. because in the end, you're not a man but a child.
7 years ago#10
If your going to insult someone, get their name right. My name is Perkowski. Kinda defeats the purpose of insulting me if you call me by the wrong name.

Oh, and I didn't cry, I merely reported it after posting. I was overruled by the site, and dropped it at that point. I only posted back here because someone insulted me, twice. Incorrectly, I might add.

I now, officially don't care what gets posted here anymore. go ahead and insult me all you want.
The World Needs a Deadpool game.
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