san marco, venice, 4 trial tomb (spoiler?)

#1Faust21220Posted 11/18/2009 2:03:38 PM
im having serious troubles with the left trial, i cant figure it out for the life of me what im supposed to do, i get up on the big box in the middle, jump to the wooden poled holding the little tarp screen up and then i am clueless, ive tried everything i could think of with no success please help
#2Faust21220(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2009 2:42:55 PM
i still cant get it please someone help
#3Faust21220(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2009 3:27:45 PM
#4exTOMexPosted 11/18/2009 3:29:10 PM
yeah man this part was annoying
best idea is to just to see where the pull thing comes down then figure a way there then try it with the timer
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#5Faust21220(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2009 3:32:32 PM
saw where it comes down, but as far as i can see there isnt a way to it, atleast not where i can figure it out
#6tacoeyejeffPosted 11/18/2009 11:39:22 PM
I climb up the rings on the wall and I have no idea what to do from there. I see a wooden post but I can't seem to reach it. Any help?
#7tacoeyejeffPosted 11/18/2009 11:50:21 PM
Nevermind, figured it out. The rings were a red herring.
#8BHigaPosted 11/20/2009 11:03:40 PM
The rings arent useless. Climb to the top of the rings and jump backwards and you will land right on the wooden platform....anyone know where the secret room is in this tomb??