Assassins Tomb In Venice **SPOILERS**

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7 years ago#1

I am trying to get to the assassins tomb on the far right side of venice inside of that large fortress type area where you originally flew to with Leondardo's aircraft... After that mission, everything is sealed back off and I don't even see a way to get to the tomb. How do you do it?
7 years ago#2
You have to get to the top from what I remember.
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7 years ago#3
go around the back to the red building (it's connected to the building you are trying to get into), climb up to the top and move to the front of the building and look for one of the balconies that has the mark on the map for the tomb, you might be attacked right when you find it.
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7 years ago#4
If it's one I'm thinking of, you can do this:

Or, you can also get up to that same spot from the ground by using the free-run...crates(?) around there (you can see them at the 0:06 sec mark in that vid).

Though you're probably in the tomb already xD
7 years ago#5

Unfortunately, that video doesn't show how to get to the tomb... Basically there are two sides to that massive building, and it looks like you are unable to get from one side to the other (when on the roof) because there are fences stopping you. The only way you got inside before was with Leonardo's flying machine...
7 years ago#6
The assassin tomb is NOT in the restricted building.

After you complete with Da Vinci's flying machine you no longer need to access it.

The assassin's tomb is right next to the restricted building. Basically it's the red building you use to climb near the restricted building. You know where the dome is on red building. There's a little drop down area - that is the entrance to the assassin's tomb.
7 years ago#7
Ok, appreciate that... I still haven't found it, but I think I am just about to...
7 years ago#8
I'm actually not even sure if were talking about the same one though...
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