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User Info: redeater

7 years ago#1
Hey does anyone know if you need to complete those special memories for anything?
Or are they just for fun.
I downloaded seq 12 and saw this special memory seq.
It's been awhile since i have played this and couldn't remember if this was there before or not.
Is this just flying for the sake of flying or does this count towards your completion?

User Info: Pennywise380

7 years ago#2
It's just flying for the sake of flying, you can't complete that memory.
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User Info: hobojones1122

7 years ago#3
it gives people a second chance to get the Flying Machine achievement without them having to go back and play through the whole game again...

User Info: dratsablive

7 years ago#4
That's the one where you knock an enemy down while flying right?
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