Is this a completely different story and characters than Assasin's Creed I?

#1RykoLibrePosted 3/2/2012 12:49:41 PM
I bought both AC I and AC II but AC I is boring me to tears. The story is uninteresting, the controls seem horid and there doesn't seem to be a point ever to be stealthy. They have all these cool mechanics set up with how an assasination should take place; but to me, you never have to follow them. I feel like I'm wasting my time following them.

Is AC II a much better game? Is it the start of a brand new story where absolutely nothing is continued from AC I?
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The only thing that really carries over from ACI to II is Desmond...personally though, I still suggest finishing the first one as the end is amazing...and you do get to mess a bit with Altair in II and Revelations if you do carry on with the series and play Brotherhood after II and Revelations after that. II gives you more weapons to play with, and a lot of people say that you don't feel as much of an assassin in II as you do in I, I feel that way personally. 

All four games are a series in essence, and as such I personally suggest finishing the first and going the minimum investigations if you'd rather just breeze through it to get the rest of at least Desmond's part in the story...or look it up if you'd much rather...

Ezio is a cool assassin who has some really good moves, but Altair is the Master Assassin when all is said and done.

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Dude, trust me, bear through the end of the first game just so you can grasp the story. The second game is so much better though. You'll be amazed.
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I found the first game way more immersive with the stealth aspect actually. In both games to combat is rather repetitive, but it's piss easy in 2, which always lessens the experience for me. Adding medicine and the ability to kill almost anyone with the hidden blades ruined combat.

The game is always most fun when I'm jumping from rooftop to rooftop picking guys off with throwing knives
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The second game is a whole lot better.
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AC2 has the same basic controls as AC1, but it's much easier. You don't get detected by guards as much; and you have access to some things that help, such as smoke bombs