Thomas Edison code wheel glyph *spoiler warning*

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7 years ago#1
K. The irst codewheel glyph i got was easy. A hint "6=1" gave i away. This one, though, I can't see any hints at all. Help please?
7 years ago#2
Is this the Ford archive one? The hint's there. I think it says 4=1 or something. ...or that could be another code wheel puzzle I'm thinking of. I'm fairly certain it's this one, though lol
7 years ago#3
Cancel that, the second part of this glyph, ford? is even more confusing, and this time all i see is a single symbol on the newspaper. I finally found a 4=1 on the edison part.
7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
7 years ago#5
So...the one i'm tryin to get help with is the one with the given numbers 1 3 and 9 respectively, and entries that consists of dots, dashes, or both.

On he newspaper, a see one of these, 2 dashes follwoed by 2 dots. On ford's suit, it looks like there might be a single dot.

I can't find anything else.
7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#7
STBadly (lol) wrote:

Goddammit! it's a spoiler in your ****ing topic title you ****ing genius! You're too goddamn ****id to figure it out for yourself, so you had to spoil potential glyphs for others? Why not just type "Need glyph help *spoilers* in your topic title?

I know, because you're really smart right? This is worth the karma loss just to tell you where you stand in life, ready?


So..if it's so bad, why did you click on the title tocome in? See, the thing with naming it "need glyph help" is too vague. Someone might assume that i ned help with a glyph they've done, but when they get in, they realize they haven't, and they see ALL the details about it.

By being specific, at least they wont know the details of the thomas edison glyph. Calm down, kid you're really overreacting, it's no hat big of a deal that someone knows the name of a glyph rather than ALL ABOUT IT.

But, regardless, thanks to your flaming and lack of censorship of ALL your curse words, you jsut might have a chance to prove that a loss of karma is worth being immature.
7 years ago#8
The answer is, taken from another post:

1) ll.
3) lll
9) l..

I too had trouble with this one. I couldn't find the clue anywhere other than the two lines and the dot or whatever it was on the document.
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7 years ago#9
yea i'm having trouble with this too. at first i thought it was easy where one dot = 1 and one line =3 which makes sense around the circle and i thought all you needed to do was fill in the blank but even with that i can't get it.
7 years ago#10
Thanks to ethe three that helped, and posted on topic.

STBadly-sorry i hurt your feelings and potentially ruined your day/afternoon/evening, Mr. Icon. I can say that, after reading a post like that, i've ost all respect for "Icon"s here on gamefaqs. I thought that they were mature. Obviosuly, based on what i see here, they are not. Way to bring your member group down.

Thanks for your..."contribution", anyway.
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