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6 years ago#1
Ok, Initially whil starting this topic I thought of making a complete walkthrough, but I have changed my mind.

I have finished all the morgan quests, so if anyone needs help, fire away your questions below and I will try my level best to answer them. I will atleast be checking this board for the next 3 days so thats for sure. Later, Im not sure if I'll be online to regularly post on this board.

Now a very important thing, If you have high hopes on this game and have ambitions of doing stuff, well, forget it. trust me, when I started this game, I had all sorts of ideas in my mind.. Like I'll capture cities, I'll use the french only as a decoy for a short while and then I'll become a pirate and this and that... Its all *****.... You can't do pretty much anything in this ******* game.

After finishing all the morgan quests, when your officially supposed to be ready to "capture" cities, I plundered for another 3 months (game time) and gathered 1 million Piasters and a Squadron of 5 ships. 3 Warships and 2 Frigates. All enhanced in speed, Maneuverability, canon calibre through Bermuda and had the best possible crew with all of them of level 25 and above... Had equally great captains for all my ships, all navigators with 25+ level... I fill them all with lots of Canonballs, Powder, Food, Weapons, Medicines, e.t.c... I had three fighters with four barell pistols and Falchiots (the best heavy weapon in the game, so far as I know...)

and then I tried to attack the simplest of forts, thinknig that it'll be the first of many... Naturally you can understand that it took a lot of patience and money( bloody hell, almsot spent 2 million piasters in maknig this whole ****..) to build this whole caraven. I spen about 300k more from my 1 million and raise all crew morales to Heroic +.... Then, I attack San Juan, the fort with least cannons, 48 or something...

******* ace**** AI, won't attack the ******* fort despite my giving the command at least 30 times... I continue anyway, keep shooting cannonballs at the rate of 60 every 30 seconds, and after half an hour, only 6 cannons destroyed.... **** I'd have to spend at least 3 hours like that just to destroy the bloody fort!@!!!!

all waste... Even with AI attacking, in the Panama Morgan mission, it took me three save games, each played for at atleast half and hour, to destroy the second easiest fort (portobello) with the best possible squadron (sawkins has a man-o-war in that mission!!!)

So all in all, I always ignored the ******* buggs in this game, thinknig that whatever, its still worth the stuff I can do in the game... Mr. Edward Law almost ripped me of whatever little patience I had.... and in the end, I walk totally dissatisfied... You can't even kill a bird in the game... in the sailor mode, everything is very very very difficult... Unless you are content with boarding the same old luggers and sloops all the time and taking pride in have annihlated a crew 4 times less then yours, you are just gonna the hate the game as much as I do now after giving so much time to it..


Again, Im here to answer your questions regarding the game, coz I don't want others to go through what Ive gone through....

Cio for now..
6 years ago#2
When I say Navigators level 25+ naturally I mean, the level, and not the skill. their skills were 80+
6 years ago#3

I find the game very easy, on sailor anyway. I can use a pinnece and take over man of wars any ship in the game......but if you can read this how do you take over a city and own it for yourself? I just keep looting it.

6 years ago#4

if you really want a fort use a man of war, Go in as the leader to take most of the hits, and then order the rest of the fleet to attack the fort with you. It was easy, I attacted porto ruco..??? it is by tortuga. The pirate settlement is on the island. I wanted to capture it and have a place that has food....but maybe it is a glitch because it will only plunder it.

I find the game easy, get pretty close with your 102 gun ship and cirlcle around and around and around. The Cannons on the fort blow up almost instantly.

6 years ago#5
I like game a lot :) I played Sid Myers pirate but this I like more... I take over settlement (you need to finish all quests from 1 of governments) but is there possibility to upgrade town???

Don't now if you now but you can edit file Pirates_Shipyard.c to get more upgrades on your ships.
6 years ago#6
where can i find morgan? i tryed to make one his quest, but i was jailed, morgan told to his friend to release me from the jaul and i was released, now i want to continue morgans quest but i dont know where to find him, pls help me if you can =)
6 years ago#7
Ok now there are two different morgans houses... depending on what nationality.... so i have read... the one in port royal (english) basically if your standing on the docks faceing town head down the left side up the steps following the shop fronts and houses.... as soon as you can turn left the allyway is pretty narrow but its at the end of the row of buildings. after that its a piece of cake to find.

not port royal, I cant really help you... I think and thats a big think hes kind of protected hiding under the city in the sewers... enver mind just found this for ya on a post

Q: I wonder how can I get to Henry Morgans house?
A: If on Jamaica - Through the door. The house with collumns. Pass by tavern and store moving away from the sea and turn leftward.
If you mean his residence on Antigua - through the city underground. His secretary should tell you this. Find a small cellar entrance between the side walls of two houses.
A TIP: You will not need to go through tis labyrinth back to the streets: outside you may get through the door.

I have no idea what that tip means anyway hope it helps
6 years ago#8
thank you !!!!
6 years ago#9
i got another problem. I reached port royal, i found morgans house, but morgan isnt in his house. The guy whos siting in morgans house saying me that if im looking for admiral i have to go a bit farther, cuz morgan is in residency. I've check other chambers, but morgan is not in any room of his house, where should i look for him ? =)
6 years ago#10
Ok Im unsure on the solution here but just by thinking about in I beat your charactor is french, reason being is that my character is english (the nationality of Port Royal) and hes always been his house. there are only two towns to host morgan and 4 nationanalitys so I bet characters that are not the same nationality as the hosting town has to look a bit further... bring the Tip in my above post in effect (this is just a big hunch).

Sorry man I have come up with nothing i thought the tip labrinth would mean the city dungeon... yet there is no dungeon in port royal after a quick scout around... could try legging it around the island looking for caves... and on jamaca there is a place called Fort Orange maybe hes there? fort orange is not marked on the map view but its on the north west side of the island. thats all i really know about it i have never actually been there.

last thought is try Antigua the other place he resides and try there.
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