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Is it possible to get the "impossible" items in the 4 player mode? (Archived)Lokarin28/3/2010
Bubble Bobble is dead. (Archived)quittaboi7814/26/2010
Is there artwork of the Bubble Dragons? (Archived)SmokeRulz12/9/2010
NES Version (Archived)TheRewster21/4/2010
Two star tiaras and Complete 100 levels- confirmed to be impossible? (Archived)Reptobismol510/30/2009
Recommended for someone that never played Bubble Bobble? *gasp* (Archived)Reptobismol710/28/2009
Random bubble treats.. (Archived)JeffersonsMomma410/21/2009
I can't crack the 3 million pt barrier in Standard Ranking mode. (Archived)
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Chime when the level starts.... (Archived)cecilbanon39/19/2009
Does this have online co-op? (Archived)ObjectiveLogic28/20/2009
Multi Player high scores (Archived)TaintedCereal18/19/2009
Some questions that may not have answers.. please help if you can :) (Archived)
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Ranked score - WTF (Archived)WolfPupTK37/29/2009
Classic True Ending (Archived)MysticGoten88827/17/2009
The true final ending? (Archived)megawario47/14/2009
Probably my last question...What determines... (Archived)nintendofan10047/11/2009
Arranged Mode Messages (Archived)Skygor_II37/6/2009
I should've asked this in my other topic, but regardless...how do you get these? (Archived)nintendofan10036/29/2009
No one's trying for the rankings on the game? O_o; (Archived)nintendofan10096/26/2009
Letter Bubbles (Archived)omegaseabee26/20/2009
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