What's the tier list like?

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7 years ago#1
I'm just wondering.. and you don't have to tell me tiers don't matter because I've never based my main off of a tier list for any fighting game :D
7 years ago#2
According to dustloop.

Ogawa's Opinion; 11/01/08

S: Eddie
A+: Testament, Jam, Slayer
A: Millia, May, Baiken
A-: Potemkin, Aba, Chipp, Sol, Venom, Robo-Ky, Order Sol
B+: Axl, Anji, Dizzy, Faust, Ky, I-No, Zappa, Bridget
B-: Johnny
7 years ago#3
YESSSS! My Jam rocks!

Wow, so the tiers are actually lighter in this than in BlazBlue? Considering BlazBlue's number of characters, that's sad.

Hey, I thought May was supposed to be bad! 0_o
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7 years ago#4
Do not blaspheme against Blazblue.

And of course May is quite high. Her hitbox is fairly smaller than average. She's fairly quick, and she does loads of damage.
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7 years ago#5
what about justice?
7 years ago#6
^Justice and Cliff being boss characters aren't allowed in tourneys.
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7 years ago#7
I thought those two were rebalanced for fair play. Wasn't that why they were excluded from Core Not-Plus?

I wouldn't know, TBH. This is my first foray into the GG universe, so bear with me please.
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