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User Info: ZeroCool000111

7 years ago#1
Well Fed Fish
Awarded for eating 5000 fish

Life of the Party
Compete in Party Games to accumulate 1000 Party Points

Barracuda Bully
Awarded or biting a Barracuda's tale four times

Flippin' Good Time
Awarded for completing a Quadruple Flip

Well Defended
Awarded for accumulating 3 simultaneous fish fields

Full Tank
Awarded for unlocking all Fish Upgrades

Fast Food
Awarded for chomping through Time Attack!

Frenzyfest Master
Awarded for coming in first in a Frenzyfest

Mega Frenzy
Awarded for reaching the maximum FRENZY multiplier in a single player game

School Teacher
Awarded for consuming 500 schools or swarms

Fish Upgrade
Awarded for your first fish upgrade

The Intruder
Awarded for defeating the Intruder
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