*First Topic* is this the same one that was on the PC??

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8 years ago#1
I really enjoyed the old zuma deluxe on the PC.. is this the same one or is it a new one?? and is it on blueray or a psn title???
8 years ago#2
i just bought this game, and it's for the psn. it cost $9.99. i've never played the PC version so i can't tell you if it is the exact same version or not. i looked on youtube for videos of it, and all i can say is that it looks very similar to it. ....but the version i bought on the ps3 (psn) only says zuma and not zuma deluxe. so it might not be the exact version.
8 years ago#3
As far as I can tell its the exact same version, just instead of a mouse you have a thumbstick for aiming. Still get buttons to fire and change marbles.
7 years ago#4
Which was first this or luxor ? this game seems to be a bite off that game or is it the other way around??
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7 years ago#5
According to Popcap, Zuma came out December 2003 and Luxor was released in 2005, only difference is that Zuma your shooting from somewhere on the board (creates the challenge since sometimes your in the middle of a circle spiraling in or out, or have to do distance shots across the board) while Luxor your on the bottom shooting up and the challenge is the actual level designs (maybe speed, I never got very far because the easy levels are a snooze fest)

The only difference you'll find is that Zuma Deluxe on the PC does scores on a level by level basis for Gauntlet mode while console versions group all your scores together for one combined score for the leaderboards. I'm assuming you already know about trophies and using a PS3 controller, but I don't think that is new info.
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