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The board may be dead, but lets keep the racing alive... (Archived)Ghostfeet15/18/2012
My first NFS since Underground & PSX (Archived)ItalianPorker14/11/2012
How to overtake in NFS Shift (Archived)FSgamer11/31/2012
tier 4 race (Archived)tanishmaas18/14/2011
Drift Tuning setup for AE86 (Archived)Zulion17/12/2011
I race as a hobby (obviously not 150mph circuit cars) but i'm here to tell you.. (Archived)Trigg3rH4ppy64/18/2011
Are there any good tier 2 cars? (Archived)konvikt_1734/12/2011
The worst handling of ANY racing game! (Archived)
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How do I open more garage spots? (Archived)LastGhost24/3/2011
For the 'Ring diarists who might wander here... (Archived)wanderingmuse2214/2/2011
People complaining of difficulty? (Archived)MilkyBarKid1633/24/2011
Veyron in quick race (Archived)Alex_GT4_Master13/19/2011
So is there no way to test a car before you buy? (Archived)konvikt_1722/26/2011
anyone want to play online who dont crash others purposly and race lower classes (Archived)queirotacobell22/25/2011
What's the fastest car in nfs shift? (Archived)Zacharey9412/22/2011
D: worst luck ever... (Archived)Vegerunks22/7/2011
thanks drift events... (Archived)poda52132/6/2011
So uh.. I guess no one is playing this game online? (Archived)CosmicNeurotica62/6/2011
Played the demo...is it possible to shut the narrator up? (Archived)Pineapplejelly11/26/2011
Looking for clan battles 1v1 interceptor (Archived)acetuner21/22/2011
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