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6 years ago#1
Iv played and beaten the EUR version... uhm.. its short, its fun but very short and you dont even get cradits.... I dont see the point in this game...
6 years ago#2
If it is "very fun" how can it be a "miserable" game?
"Jazz to Moonbase 2! Jazz to Moonbase 2!"
Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.
6 years ago#3
it was vey fun at te start, but then it ended so fats, and it want even close to the movie , i mean i wasnt expecting a movie game but jeeez te main bad guy wasnt it in..

I beat ultimo... was that t he last boss? cause i didnt see credits and i dont see any new missions...

that is why its miserabel^^^
6 years ago#4
the iphone version look more fun have you seen it?

it actually relates to the movie nd u can fly around not just hover...

this game has like 20 missions...
6 years ago#5
puyo chan ^^
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