All Kit Unlock V.2

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apologise if i sound stupid but i'm new to BF2. I love it. Now about these unlock stuff - how do get it unlock. I've bought the ultimate edition - will this unlock it.
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To unlock the guns, optics and other cadets just play as the class you want to level up and play as it. All the experience you get toward the Assault Class for example, will unlock the other guns (f2000, xm8, AUG, red dot, 4x optics, ammo kit, an-94 akaban, m16)

This also applies to the the other three classes so simply playing the game will unlock everything

After each battle theres a screen that tell the experience you got I'm that round and how much more you need to unlock the next item
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fantastic read
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Only been playing online with this game for a few hours and I've already unlocked all the Medic's kit.

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Wow.... Cool!
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How is this topic STILL alive?
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masterchief377 posted...
How is this topic STILL alive?

Its 2 years old tho
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Because bad company 2 was that good