Rules of Recon v2

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I started my Xbox 360 'career' as a Rainbow Six: Vegas player and spent a good couple of years playing that game(and it's successor) alone, running about with my automatic rifles and SMGs in close-quarters combat. Then, when CoD4 arrived everybody started playing that, but i stayed true to Vegas for as long as i could until i finally gave in. CoD4 was great, so i then became a CoD fan, never really went back to Vegas. Again, running around with automatic rifles and SMGs, most of the time close-quarters, but sometimes a bit of range came into the equation. After a while i decided to give sniping a go, i'd never really had a game that i could snipe properly, but i've always been inticed by the concept. Anyway, as you all know, it just turned out to be a 'whocanpulltheirtriggerthefastest'-fest, and just didn't feel that rewarding. Anybody can run around with an automatic weapon, but can they pull a kill out of the bag when they have one shot? One bullet? One chance? Probably not. But still, it was too easy. I got WaW, that was pants. I got MW2, that was pants. I got BO, that was pants. I have always stuck by CoD4, but because, in my opinion, it's the best of the franchise. And mostly based on the sniper-rifle aspect(notice as i didn't call it sniping, because technically it'd be a bit of a cheek to call it that). I'd never even noticed Battlefield, it never really entered my field of vision. Then a few days ago my friend said "Hey, you should get BC2, it's so much better than CoD!" and i though, 'really? Is it?', but being the person that i am and having more money than sense i went out and got one anyway. I love it! It's an amazing game! And the first thing that really caught my eye was the Recon class. I knew there was something about it that meant it didn't revolve entirely around sniping. It asked for, and offered, more than that. It took literally minutes until i was sucked in and i spend 80% of my time now sitting somewhere where nobody can see me spotting enemies and calling in mortars where necessary, getting maybe 8 or 9 kills on average a game. Main problem was i played Hardcore, so i wasn't entirely sure how the spotting things was working as i couldn't actually see anything physically happening other than my dude shouting "Enemy infantry spotted!", and then i'd get a Spotting Assist. I came here to see what it was all about, never really thinking to try it out on a core game, and found this. Funnily enough, i do most f the things listed here anyway, but that's not to say it didn't enlighten me at all. It was actually a pretty good help. I know most of the players you see out there using Recon are just playing CoD in their mind, but they're just a burden on themselves. The first thing that really dragged me into this game was my first match, i was Assault and was with 2 other players the entire time, an Engineer and a Medic. Constantly they'd help out, repairing vehicles, dropping medkits, destroying enemy vehicles and buildings, revicing etc and i was giving them ammo when i got to it. Teamwork is one thing that didn't exist on CoD, and it's the very thing on this game that makes it so much better. It's the people that think they're playing an alternative to CoD that are letting us down.

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I used to hate the Recon class because i couldn't hit a barn even when i was inside one. But after getting the hang of it, it suddenly became my favorite class. The satisfaction of getting a marksman headshot never fades. And thanks for the informative OP. Now i know how i can be more of an assistance to my team.

I actually got an angry message from an enemy sniper because i used the Spot scope. I told him "Why you're using magnum ammo with an M95? Can't get a headshot on long range?"
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I run recon a lot so heres a few creative uses

-have a teamate on a uav land by you so you can cover it in C4. T hey can fly the c4 to tanks, camped building get the idea

-PRACTICE NO SCOPING!!!! The m24 and m95 are CANNONS and despite popular opinion make great cqb weapon

-Need an origional sniping spot? try the back of a jet-ski. nobody will look there and all the killcam shows is water not where

-leave empty bait vehicles laced with c4....choppers are most tempting but tanks work too, especcialy if they pick up their friends before you blow them up

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