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5 years ago#1

After I pressed "quick match" an error message popped up saying I couldn't connect to EA online, has anyone else had this problem and knows how to fix it?

5 years ago#2
I'm having the EXACT same problem, hopefully someone knows how we can fix it.
Gamertag- NFunderburk.
5 years ago#3

I changed my gamertag recently and I think that may be the problem. when I go to manage my Ea profile its still showing my old gamertag.

5 years ago#4
here is a fix that worked for me

go into your system settings and locate the game save for battlefield BC2

delete the file (is a 2mb file)

then clear your cache

restart xbox and you should be able to connect

this action erases single player progress FYI
5 years ago#5
I am having the same problem..
5 years ago#6

did u change your gamertag like me?

5 years ago#7
a few other things to try

if using a router disable UPNP

EA will tell you to port forward but that's a joke

i have also heard about changing the system time

log out

change date to nov 15 2005

sign back in

never tried the last one but just thought i'd post it
5 years ago#8

The servers could possibly be down, if so it would be nice if ea would post that on twitter or facebook to give us the heads up.

5 years ago#9
the server is not down

i had this issue a few weeks back and it lasted for about 4 days

IMO this is a result of EA consolidating their servers

try the fixes i posted above for the first one worked for me

fear not as this issue does seem to go away on it's own

if you would like additional help with router config i will need make and model
5 years ago#10

i tried all of your suggestions and they didn't work for me, but thank you for your help nonetheless

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