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I want this again. (Archived)pitt1217754/28/2013
Co-op? (Archived)Proto_Man9924/23/2013
Does this have a single player campaign? I'm not interested in multiplayer. (Archived)shotgunheadshot44/17/2013
This game is amazing (Archived)chilipepperman64/14/2013
Just picked up, anywhere to get a free VIP pass? (Archived)karvinyereizowt24/14/2013
No games found (Archived)wifd54/9/2013
No Games Available? (Archived)
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Saw this game in the bargain bin, still pretty playable, post if you to squad up (Archived)Shineboxer24/6/2013
Does this play more like BFBC1 or BF3? (Archived)Dojorkan83/24/2013
man the maps in this game suck (Archived)VeryDarkSoul43/24/2013
Are there more people playing with or without the Vietnam update? (Archived)boztheman13/23/2013
Whats up with the message about gaining or losing skill points ? (Archived)Kano9223/20/2013
Whoever is interested in playing this gem again . . . (Archived)catharticlament43/18/2013
You know what would look creepy? (Archived)ninjaman14813/12/2013
Game is still pretty active (Archived)Eightlie3352/22/2013
is this game still active? (Archived)k darkfire101/17/2013
Why was this game so much better than BF3? (Archived)
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Bad Company TV show? (Archived)monsterlord-18410/11/2012
What's the white square in front of player's names on the scoreboard? (Archived)GTAcrazy210/10/2012
Population? (Archived)Spartan2447210/9/2012
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