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Is there a dedicated anti infantry class? (Archived)thesecondrei29/15/2012
Can I play this online if (Archived)W0NG_FAI_HUNG89/11/2012
Bad Company 3 plot idea. (Archived)specialkid888/28/2012
Post your possible or known hacked players here!!! (Archived)Blithersnipe38/27/2012
Have they cut down on the number of servers or.. (Archived)flarecon88/24/2012
Looking for people to play (Archived)GearBurstGOG18/24/2012
This game is boring (Archived)fast-racer9838/17/2012
Need help with Et tu, Brute? achievement (Archived)DrLuigiPHD28/15/2012
Does anybody play without DLC (Archived)HeartlessCharms48/10/2012
I just joined a Vietnam server and everybody was just hanging out. (Archived)Somarchy58/9/2012
New Gameplay/Montage video (Archived)iBlanKz18/1/2012
Is it me or was BC2 full of players this weekend? (Archived)
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Wanna get back into this game and looking for people to play with sometimes. (Archived)Tomby8917/19/2012
Any buddies wanna play? (Archived)narutogames0117/12/2012
Just started playing again after about a year. (Archived)Peter_Griffin3357/2/2012
I have never played a Battlefield game... (Archived)GamerCzar56/27/2012
Limited Edition Unlocks (Nostalgia) (Archived)supersonic912336/16/2012
Gadgets Unlocked from Start? (Archived)supersonic912346/15/2012
Anyone still playing...? (Archived)darksteve5826/13/2012
Just got the game. How do I know if I have all of the map packs and whatnot? (Archived)PlatypusPincher26/10/2012
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