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Why is this game so dead? (Archived)
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I am a Grim Reaper of the Message Boards. (Archived)CrazyVietnamVet43/18/2012
anyone still playing? (Archived)flame03019123/18/2012
finally.. FINALLY.. got my knife badge (Archived)upupdown23/6/2012
is the update worth getting if i don't have a vip code? (Archived)corex3d42/17/2012
Do people still play this? Vietnam? (Archived)skoolsuks72/17/2012
can't they just add a server browser for DLC? (Archived)Cellski91672/16/2012
Anyone still playing? Add me (Archived)
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About how much can i get trading this in at gamestop (Archived)Mcnugget225682/8/2012
Need People for Nelson Bay on Hardcore in Onslought Mode (Archived)Infinite 200321/29/2012
Randomly getting kicked (Archived)unutsu221/18/2012
Vietnam (Archived)teem83251/14/2012
I love this game so much (Archived)
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If you want to play Vietnam, with mics, add me (GT LIST) (Archived)I_Pwn_Tetris21/13/2012
how do you get "doing the rounds" achivment in vietnam? (Archived)nehukog41/12/2012
What the **** is going on? (Archived)Tomaters31/6/2012
Would you recommend this? (Archived)disharmonized41/6/2012
Is it just me, or does this game seem a lot more fun than BF3? (Archived)Gordaton71/6/2012
Battlefield 3 player, never played BC2 but had a ? (Archived)ChewWorldOrder11/4/2012
Do games have Hollywood style sequels? (Archived)juddaz2k3312/26/2011
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