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StickyFrequently Asked Questions; Read Before Posting Please (Sticky)
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anybody still playEJ22638/21 6:37PM
latecomer to this game, is the online and Vietnam DLC worth playing still? (Archived)theshank69106/3 3:16AM
I miss you (Archived)Orangetastical55/21 6:21AM
Just bought the game again to get my last 2 trophies... (Archived)psNotALegend13/6 2:40PM
Demolition man (Archived)Dbor8922/18 10:55AM
What does the patch 1.05 add? (Archived)planetvash11242/4 3:56PM
Does anyone still play this? (Archived)TGaddy314412/28 10:51PM
Teamplay dedicated players for Conquest (2014-2016) (Archived)Tacanacy211/14 8:19AM
Squad Rush and VIP Maps Gone? (Archived)AlphaZ3ro77310/7 10:30AM
How active is the MP? (Archived)KMacz3179/8 2:51PM
I'm not a big FPS fan, but (Archived)Yaz092428/29/2014
Weapons stars in BFBC2 (Archived)DaRealSkittlez37/27/2014
My only problem is... (Archived)Valkyriareaper127/27/2014
This game may be 4 years old but.... (Archived)ConcordeBA677/7/2014
BC2 on sale PSN shop. People are playing online too! (Archived)Darkside_Shadow76/16/2014
More people need to play this again :( (Archived)watertank34/10/2014
Is this game still played online? (Archived)pozertron82/3/2014
Anyone wanna squad up? (Archived)BuLLeTsZ11/12/2014
Glad to see the game is running. 32+ players is overkill imho. (Archived)supercammando11/9/2014
This is my favorite Battlefield. (Archived)HiKUPO11/6/2014
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