Lewis and Clark Cheat Doesn't Work??

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6 years ago#1
I'm trying to break from the story and go explore up North in the game, but those damn bridges aren't there. So I do the Lewis and Clark Cheat, but it doens't even work! It keeps turning itself off when I use it. I did it right before the Assault on Fort Mercer.

I'm I just doing it wrong? Seems pointless to have a cheat code that was put in the game if it doesn't even work when actived.

inb4 just unlock it.

It's not like the game can save with cheats on.
6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3

I need the EXACT same info lol...I have made 2 saves one for the game and one to mess about with cheats but like you i put the code in but every time i try to leave the first area all the bridges are out.perhaps it will work making a campsite then fast travel to the place?

6 years ago#4
I am having the same problem! Seriously, that cheat is like a total waste of time. Rockstar needs to fix it, or give us a jetpack or something, or maybe the ability to swim... SOMETHING!!!
6 years ago#5
It only activates the names for "quick travel" as opposed to having to ride around and find them naturally. And no you can't use it to get over the broken bridges.
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