Shoot the hat and then disarm that person within 3 seconds

#1VioletVegaPosted 5/29/2010 6:23:09 PM
for the MP sharp shooter challenge i just can't do it :( since you only get level 2 dead eye.. how did you all do it thanx : /
#2SubGumPosted 5/29/2010 6:26:13 PM
Use a shotgun. I often get hat shots and disarms simultaneously while using the shotguns.
#3khfan60Posted 5/29/2010 6:26:17 PM
I sprayed semi-auto shotgun at someone and got it.
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#4CountDreadPosted 5/29/2010 6:26:25 PM
Was easy for me. Did it first try. First change your targeting mode to expert...and leave it. Auto aim sucks. I start by targeting there on dead eye. Shoot off there head and rotate the stick in counter clock wise pattern while aiming at there gun. Pull right trigger and BAM! Easy. Try shooting the hat off of a person while riding full speed. You only have about 1 second to do it before your horse slows down. o.o Pretty challenging...but did that to.
#5Skellington87Posted 5/29/2010 6:27:54 PM
glitched till legendry mode for some people
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#6rygar8bitPosted 5/29/2010 6:29:08 PM
1.twin rocks hideout
2.stand infront of the door with auto shot gun
3.wait for reinforcements to come out of the door
4.??? the next sharpshooter rank
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#7VioletVega(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2010 6:31:35 PM
''glitched till legendry mode for some people''

^^ is that real cause i swear i few times i should have had it.. but anyway thank for all tips
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#8weeman2525Posted 5/29/2010 6:32:55 PM
I actually do it by accident all the time. Using casual targeting I usually auto aim and tilt up to aim at the head but go to high and shoot the hat off and then the next time I shoot I tend to aim down a bit and I find myself disarming them.
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