Picture of the mini-map

#1IIJOSEPHXIIPosted 8/28/2009 11:33:42 AM
The camera angle says to me that`s Marston actually riding the stagecoach, and you can make out the trail they are on from the mini-map. cant see a HUD tho. Check it out.


The pic is taken in Las Vegas and thanks to Samuellau for posting it in GTAForums.
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Thanks a bunch for showing us this, Joseph. This may very well mean we're getting new info (perhaps a video walkthrough?) sometime very soon.
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Either that or they included a stagecoach and some rural area in TBoGT, lawlz... awesome man thx for the post. Looks awesome :D, just wish the mini map was not so bland looking like GTAs, but its all good.
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Lmfao, I was puzzling over the whole picture, and wondering why I couldn't see anything on the two TVs...
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Hmm, looks like you are actually riding shotgun in that pic... must be that snakeoil mission they keep talking about.... Wish theyd show you actually piloting the thing.
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this is awesome, RDR is certainly picking up steam among people. More pics like this are sure to pop up, if were all actively looking for them. Anytime we know rocktar is showing off RDR at some convention, we need to scour every page that has info or pictures on it.
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I *THINK* the stagecoach works like a Taxi, you can ride it(in this case he is) or hijack it.
#9redmachinePosted 8/29/2009 8:11:56 AM
i'm confident we will be able to control the stagecoaches or something similar.

1. Because rockstar said that it was hard and they spent alot of time making the horses and the wagon all run well together.
2. The fact that i've read that there will be atleast 1 horse 1 wagon races. Given some of the screenshots.
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I'm not getting it, pic of the mini-map? All I see is a small pic in the corner, altthough this does seem to be the first pic in game...

so good find actually.