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6 years ago#1
Anyone managed to start up a system link game ? We have tried but noone can join each others games
6 years ago#2
Are you trying over a VPN?
6 years ago#3
YO! I got the same problem??? cant join or find my friend when im inn free mode systemlink.... Is it because we are playing it from the same Dvd copy??
6 years ago#4

From: sleminem | #003
Is it because we are playing it from the same Dvd copy??

How is this possible, unless you pirated it, and simply made 2 copies of it?
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6 years ago#5
Nope over a normal network, there is no join game option at all anywhere that i can find, it just sets everyone up as the host in there own version of the freeroam, you can click on find other freeroam games but that just puts you back in the same world that your hosting again
6 years ago#6

nope did not pirate the game... but made a copy from my retail... Is that the answer to my problem?
6 years ago#7
are there trains in free mode guys?
6 years ago#8
I'm sure it is and they thought of it. Guess you better have your friend shell out some $ for a second copy.
6 years ago#9
I have 2 retail copys and the system link doesnt work like all above case's. If anyone figures out a solution please post!!!! This game rocks though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago#10
Yea it doesn't work here either. Maybe Rockstar needs to patch it to get it to work, because I didn't see any way for 2 360's to join the same system link game session.

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