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6 years ago#11
Maybe it will work on release day.
6 years ago#12
Same problem here, me and my gf both bought the game and we can't join each other. Really sucks only bought this game for the system link co-op.
6 years ago#13
anybody else figure it out?
6 years ago#14
6 years ago#15
So system link still isn't working????
6 years ago#16
Doesn't appear so. Bought my copies at a midnight release and was disappointed to confirm what everyone else has been reporting.
6 years ago#17
So the option is available in the game, but for some reason, it's not working????

That sucks. I ordered my copy, but I guess I'll have to tell my friends to hold off on it until I hear about some kind of fix.
6 years ago#18
So, has anyone gotten this working? I'm picking this up and was looking forward to playing system link with my kids. Would suck if we couldn't do that.
6 years ago#19
1-866-405-5464 That;s the number somebody should call, I would but I don't have access to a phone. We need to get this fixed.

Thats where you email them. Let's figure this out fella's
6 years ago#20
I've sent in my mail and gotten the obligatory "we'll respond in 24 hours reply". Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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