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6 years ago#21
did the update fix system link?
6 years ago#22
What update? Please upload the TU somewhere if something released. I don't have internet connectivity for the 360 at home.
6 years ago#23
gonna try the update within the hour, then ill get back to you guys
6 years ago#24
thanks ill be waiting for the news.
6 years ago#25
A title update is now live that fixes this issue.
6 years ago#26
This has been confirmed? Any official word from Rockstar? Link?
6 years ago#27
yea, any official word? thanks.
6 years ago#28
I can confirm that the title update fixes the System Link connection error. I just started up a local co-op game with my roommate. I know what I'll be doing all night now.
6 years ago#29
Now that I'm successfully playing a System Link game with friends, I notice a new problem. There seems to be no voice chat among local players. Not even after forming a posse are we able to chat. Does anyone else experience this issue?
6 years ago#30
dornbush, thanks for confirming. i'm going to check out the game in about 4 hours, after i get home.
just an observation, i'm not sure of any system link games that i have that has voice chat? also, how far apart physically are you from the other members that you're doing a system link with? you guys dorming or something?

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