Hunter Challenge (5 raccoon, 5 fox, 5 skunk)

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The skunk was pretty easy, and I'm seeing a fox here and there so im up to about 3, but since Ive started this mission I cannot find any damn coons. Anyone have any moderately high success rates in certain areas to find raccoons and foxes? I figure the best time is at night, but I'm still not seeing any and it seems the bait only attracts the big game.

BTW if anyone needs skunks i found a bunch out by mercer and there are some in the hog area north of Mcfarlane Ranch.
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Anyone have any insight on this challenge?
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There are always tons of raccoons behind the Armadillo train station at night.
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I've gotten one raccoon . . . I was out west of Armadillo, not quite in Gaptooth, though. I've only seen the one as far as I know, though. I hope that helps some, sorry I can't be more specific.
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I've seen them here and there outskirting Armadillo. There, and over by Hanging Rock.
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Shifter1178 posted...

Awesome post. Thank you.
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where did you find the skunks...i'm having trouble finding 2 more...
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Raccoons (great plains)

Skunks (horse field north-east of the words "Diez Coronas" on the in-game map)

Foxes (I plan on using Beecher's Hope, as the site says)

I'm working on foxes now (just reached a stagecoach), but Raccoons and Skunks came in less then 1 minute each. Of course, I did this at night, as they are nocturnal animals.