how do i bang a hooker

#1Jenova911Posted 5/21/2010 6:24:36 PM
in armadillo there are hookers in the bar i want to slay one how do i do it
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#2arik87Posted 5/21/2010 6:25:05 PM
Aim your gun. Shoot. Repeat if necessary.
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#3tehrustyPosted 5/21/2010 6:25:11 PM
you can't just go look at 1800s-hooker-themed porn in the net
they have stuff for everything
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#4Umbra27Posted 5/21/2010 6:25:15 PM
slay? You take your gun/weapon of choice out and blow them away.
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#5TawnyyPosted 5/21/2010 6:26:47 PM
Tag. I wanna know too. I tried hogtying them and bringing them to the barn but it won't even let me do anything.
#6JMHgamerPosted 5/21/2010 6:29:14 PM
I don't think you can!T_T

BTW I've seen vintage porn (I mean black and white silent), creepy!
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#7Random VirusPosted 5/21/2010 6:30:04 PM
itt, kids ask how to have teh sex
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#8GraviosDestroyRPosted 5/21/2010 6:31:42 PM
Hogtie them, and set them on the train tracks, and wait for the train.

The train will stop once it sees they are on the tracks, and a cut scene occurs where you have an option for the both of you to go onto the train, where you can proceed to "do it".
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#9Ri-chanPosted 5/21/2010 6:33:56 PM
You simpy cant because it was stated that you have a Wife and kid so mr marston will not do anything that will break his marriage pledge