Ultimate Multiplayer Unlocks Guide (Weapons, Mounts, and Titles)- v1

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Weapons and Mounts

Rank 1
Weapon: Cattleman Revolver, Knife
Mount: El Señor

Rank 2
Weapon: Repeater Carbine

Rank 3
Weapon: Throwing Knife

Rank 4
Mount: Lusitano Nag

Rank 5
Weapon: Volcanic Pistol

Rank 8
Weapon: Winchester Repeater
Mount: Turkmen

Rank 9
Weapon: Schofield Revolver

Rank 11
Weapon: Pump Action Shotgun
Mount: Cleveland Bay (Legendary 1 to 4 only)

Rank 13
Weapon: Springfield Rifle

Rank 15
Weapon: Dynamite
Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred (Legendary 2 to 4 only)

Rank 17
Weapon: Double Action Revolver

Rank 18
Weapon: Sawed-off Shotgun

Rank 20
Weapon: Rolling Block Rifle

Rank 22
Weapon: Fire Bottle
Mount: Cleveland Bay
Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: American Standard-Bred (Legendary 2 to 4 only)

Rank 24
Weapon: Semi Automatic Pistol

Rank 26
Weapon: Semi Auto Shotgun
Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 3 and 4 only)

Rank 28
Weapon: Carcano Rifle

Rank 32
Weapon: Henry Repeater

Rank 33
Mount: Hungarian Half-Bred
Mount: American Standard-Bred (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 2 only)
Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 3 and 4 only)

Rank 35
Weapon: High Power Pistol

Rank 37
Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun
Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 4 only)

Rank 40
Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle
Mount: American Standard Bred
Mount: Bonzo (bull) (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 2 only)
Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 3 only)

Rank 42
Mount: Super Bull (Legendary 4 only)

Rank 43
Weapon: Evans Repeater

Rank 46
Weapon: LeMat Revolver

Rank 49
Weapon: Mauser Pistol

Rank 50
Weapon: Buffalo Rifle
Mount: Bonzo (bull)
Mount: Buffalo (Legendary 1 only)
Mount: Albino Buffalo (Legendary 2 only)
Mount: Super Bull (Legendary 3 only)
Mount: Zebra Donkey (Legendary 4 only)

Level up titles

Greenhorn (reach level 1)
Dude (Reach level 2)
Pilgrim (reach level 3)
Tenderfoot (reach level 4)
Colt (reach level 5)
Mail-order cowboy (reach level 6)
Pistol (reach level 7)
Short horn (reach level 8)
Gringo (reach level 9)
Journeyman (reach level 10
Cowboy (reach level 11)
Wrangler (reach level 12)
Burro (reach level 13)
Frontiersman (reach level 14)
Gristle heel (reach level 15)
Forty-niner (reach level 16)
Old timer (level 17)
Long horn (reach level 18
Old hand (level 19)
Rustler (level 20)
Outlaw (level 21)
Gunslinger (level 22)
Shootist (level 23)
Quick draw (level 24)
Gun shark (level 25)
Badman (level 26)
Long raider (level 27)
Cabron (level 28)
Road agent (level 29)
Hold-up man (level 30)
Bandito (level 31)
Short-trigger man (level 32)
Hired killer (level 33)
Mercenary (level 34)
Deputized (level 35)
Ranger (level 36)
Marshall (level 37)
Judge & jury (level 38)
El capitan (level 39)
Colonel (level 40)
General (level 41)
El jefe (level 42)
Searcher (level 43)
The kid (level 44)
The duke (level 45)
The ugly (level 46)
The bad (level 47)
The good (level 48)
The unforgiven (level 49)
The legend (level 50)
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PVP challenge titles

Shootout Challenge
Still standing (place top 3 in shootout 1 time)
Good company (place top 3 in shootout 5 times)
Top of the crop (place top 3 in shootout 20 times)
A winner is… (MVP in shootout)
Top of the pile (MVP in shootout 5 times)
If it moves kill it (MVP in shootout 10 times)

Gang Shootout Challenge
Gang lieutenant (top 3 in gang shootout 1 time)
Gang leader (top 3 in gang shootout 5 times)
Gang boss (top 3 in gang shootout 20 times)
Team player (MVP in gang shootout 1 time)
Head of the class (MVP in gang shootout 5 times)
First round draft (MVP in gang shootout 10 times)
The “ike clanton” award (highest score in gang shootout on the losing team)

Kill Streak I
Set em up (Get a 3 kill streak in shootout)
Knocked em down (get a 5 kill streak in shootout)
They kept coming (get a 7 kill streak in shootout)
Doing work (get a 5 kill streak in gang shootout)
Pulling their weight (get a 10 kill streak in gang shootout)
Just get outta the way (get a 15 kill streak in gang shootout)

Kill Streak II
Slasher (get a 3 kill streak with a knife)
Saved the Alamo (get a 5 kill streak with a knife)
Above you (get a 3 kill streak while on a horse)
Death from above (get a 5 kill streak while on a horse)
Wounded threat (get 3 kills while near death)
Rampage (get a 10 kill streak in shootout)
Outdoor enthusiast (get a 20 kill streak in gang shootout)

Kill: Death Ratio
Star player (get a 5:1 kill death ratio in shootout)
Shooting star (get a 5:1 kill death ratio in gang shootout)
Bouncer (get a 5:1 kill death ration in hold your own)

Unstoppable I
Flawless (complete a shootout without dying)
In the closet (complete a gang shootout without dying)
The edge (make the final kill in a match)
The closer (make the final kill in a match 5 times)

Cliff hanger (make the final kill in a match 20 times)
Holds a grudge (kill the same person that last killed you)
Vindictive (kill the same person that killed you last 3 times without dying)
On life support (get wounded to critical, but survive 5 times in a single life)
Paste of revenge (kill the horse of a player that last killed you)

Trickshot I
Circus trickster (kill 1 enemy in midair)
Hide and shoot (kill 25 enemies while using cover)
Shy guy (kill 100 enemies while using cover)
Aiming is overrated (kill an enemy using blind fire from cover)

Trickshot II
Horseback fighter (kill 10 enemies while on horseback)
Mounted murderer (kill 50 enemies while on horseback)
Equestrian killer (kill 100 enemies while on horseback)

Hold Your Own I
Package Delivered (Deliver 1 bag)
Special Delivery (deliver 15 bags)
The guy in brown (deliver 50 bags)
Tasted it (win a hold your own match)
Held it (win 5 hold your own matches)
Touched it (win 20 hold your own matches)
Grabby hands (grab 10 bags)
Bag handler (grab 25 bags)
Dirty mitts (grab 50 bags)
Bag runner (grab 75 bags)
Grubby paws (grab 100 bags)
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Hold Your Own II
Put em down (kill 5 enemy bag carriers)
Held em down (kill 25 enemy bag carriers)
Kept em down (kill 75 enemy bag carriers)
Scout (deliver 3 bags in one match)
Runner (deliver 5 bags in one match)
Know your role (deliver 7 bags in one match)
Heavy lode (MVP in hold your own)
Wide Lode (Highest score on losing team in hold your own)
Bag stabber (kill bag carrier with knife)

Grab the Bag I
Kept it secret (deliver 1 bag)
Kept it safe (deliver 15 bags)
Precious (deliver 50 bags)
Golden (win a grab the bag match)
Solid gold (win 5 grab the bag matches)
Midas touch (win 20 grab the bag matches)
Muckraker (grab 10 bags)
Sack lunch (grab 25 bags)
Kangaroo sack (grab 50 bags)
Team bagger (grab 75 bags)
Gang bagger (grab 100 bags)

Grab the Bag II
Stopped a few (kill 5 enemy bag carriers)
Stopped a lot (kill 25 enemy bag carriers)
Stopped a ton (kill 75 enemy bag carriers)
Two to the chest (delivered 2 bags in one match)
The forsaken (delivered 4 bags in one match)
Gold dropper (delivered 6 bags in one match)
The miner (MVP in grab the bag)
Carpetbagger (MVP on losing team in grab the bag)

Gold Rush
Delivery boy (deliver 1 bag)
Fleetfoot (deliver 15 bags)
Lode bearer (deliver 50 bags)
Golden boy (deliver 100 bags)
Forty-niner (win 1 gold rush)
Scrooge (win 5 gold rushes)
Oremonger (win 20 gold rushes)
Bagnabber (grab 10 bags)
Bagnabbit (grab 25 bags)
Bagmaster (grab 50 bags)
Sack toucher (grab 75 bags)
Proctologist (grab 100 bags)
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