Cougar locations?

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User Info: IITheFinalXII

6 years ago#1
Where is the best place to find cougars?

User Info: Deku20

6 years ago#2

Behind you.

User Info: NikoreJM

6 years ago#3
Rio Bravo, around Fort Mercer
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User Info: ElderFreak

6 years ago#4
Everywhere and nowhere. The shadows of death.

User Info: gob8890

6 years ago#5
Kids soccer games

User Info: Nihilism98

6 years ago#6

From: Deku20 | #002
Behind you.

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User Info: Madcapunlimited

6 years ago#7
You don't find cougars. They find you. Just keep riding.

User Info: sth26307

6 years ago#8
Iv seen alout of cougars at hanging rock area
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User Info: Dubetime

6 years ago#9

By Stillwater Creek,were the main river flows into the branching off streams.

The exact spot is were the railroad tracks pass over a path .(its north east of the branching streams)

i killed 6 or 7 cougars ther think i was on a spawn point for them.I would have killed more but 2 more spawned and killed me!

User Info: Curlymafurly2

6 years ago#10
Can they be shot in the legs? I hear that's the best way to get the 2 knife kills.
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