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did hear something that sounded like a swarm of bats while being inside the mansion in Tumbleweed. But I didnt see anything it was just the sound.
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Not really a myth as there's a video of it somwhere on youtube, but there is a secret cave somewhere in the game, possibly in the nekoti rock area.
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Avantar45 posted...
did hear something that sounded like a swarm of bats while being inside the mansion in Tumbleweed. But I didnt see anything it was just the sound.

At dusk bats swarm out of the attic of Tumbleweed. Went to try to expose this ghost story and found a horde of bats flowing out of the mansion.

Can't shoot em tho.

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Horse with the ability to move without moving it legs.
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From: USCoastGuard26 | #042
Just from research, flying people are glitches. Nothing more. The game puts a human skin on a bird. You can kill it and collect feathers, no harm no fowl.


The pun...It hurts.

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LoL, it's like Destination Truth: RDR

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I'll join you. My GT is Python2k10 and I have a mic. Send me a request and I'll help ya'll bust these myths. Like uh.....M-Mythbusters!
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I'd like to see the cave and back to the future car tested.

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Right now I'm busy compiling all the myths and Easter eggs submitted. Thank you for all you support! When we finish all the myths about Tumbleweed I will make a forum titled "Legends of Tumbleweed and eventually a video.
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Is this everything?

Red Dead Redemption Myths & Legends

Tumbleweed-Start with the Tumbleweed mansion. Here are some myths...

1. Somebody says "Hello", even though nobody is there.

2. A dog barks. Now hold on, it gets weird. If you follow the noise of the dog, it leads you to the church... And then stops.

3. Shoot a light/lantern, and it might come back on when you turn around.

4. A shadow of a human runs past you (Very common. I've seen it myself. I know it wasn't my own shadow because it had a hat on... And I didn't.)

5. A chair falls out of the ceiling, followed by someone screaming at you.

6. Character models appear in the windows, and run away when you see them.

7. An owl (Or sometimes a crow) flies out of a room, and through a window.

Tall Trees-Wolfman

Location unknown-Flying human/dog/horse, Back to the Future car,

Somewhere in Mexico- Donkey-face

Video related-http://www.gamesradar.com/f/8-funny-red-dead-redemption-glitches-that-will-make-you-smile/a-2010052513185831806
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