Missing options in Config with Golden Guns pack. Please help!

#1AtrumRuinaPosted 2/3/2012 12:13:00 AM
I submitted a query to Rockstar as I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. I'm gonna copy and paste my request to them. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue:

"I have encountered a strange glitch with the Golden Guns DLC pack installed on my Xbox 360. This is not the pre-order bonus but the DLC available on the Xbox Marketplace.

As you are aware, the Golden Guns pack adds an option to the Config menu to turn them on and off. When I have this pack installed, any time I exit this menu it will autosave, regardless of any changes (normally this only happens if a change is made.) I can then play as normal however if I save and reload, I no longer have any options under the Horse Control option. Both the Horse Relative and Camera Relative options are missing and you only see the brackets < > that would normally encompass the option. This is problematic for me as I play with Camera Relative selected and it defaults to the Horse Relative option when nothing is available.

If I delete my Options Settings save from my hard drive, I can load up the save and play with the Golden Guns and my preferred Horse Control option as described above but the issue will occur next time I have to reload. If I delete the Golden Guns pack, the glitch disappears and I can play, reload, etc. as normal but, of course, do not have access to my purchased content. I have yet to see this glitch mentioned elsewhere so help would be appreciated. "

Has anyone heard of anything like this?
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