If Red Dead had a sequel what would you call it?

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3 years ago#11
We kind of already played Red Dead Retirement and Red Dead Rancher.

Red Dead Reign? Reign refering to the rise of the gangster empires. Perhaps it could deal with the further death of the Old West, the rise of cities (with only one or two cars avaiable), and prohibition with its illegal booze production. So, uh, kind of a cowboys and gangsters scenario, sorta like that movie Lawless that had Tom Hardy and Shia Lebouf.

Red Dead Resolution? Sounds cool.
Red Dead Reservation? Play as a Native American perhaps? Might be too Assassin's Creed III-ish.
Red Dead Republic? Red Dead Royalty? Red Dead Religion? Red Dead Resistance?
Red Dead Resurrection? Would probably have the same idea the Rebirth from someone's post above.
Red Dead Revenge? It sound a bit trite, though.
Red Dead Regret! This one. Red Dead Regret sounds pretty dang awesome.
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3 years ago#12
Red Dead Revolution?
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3 years ago#13
I was thinking of Red Dead Revenge as well. You play a man who's wife and two children were brutally murdered by a gang of ruthless outlaws. Now, with nothing to live for, you seek them out and take down anybody in your path without mercy. Also, there could be a karma system. You could play through it as a cold blooded man on a mission to avenge his family by any means necessary or you could make honorable choices in the way in which you pursue and take care of your enemies so you don't become like the savage murderous men who destroyed your life.
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3 years ago#14
why does it have to be RD:R?

Why not Red Dead: Tombstone

Set it in 1880 onward in and around Tombstone and you could meet all the famous gunslingers, Billy The kid, Wyatt Earp, Pat Garret, Doc Holliday etc.
they could even work in the OK Coral and map out a large section of historic Arizona.
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3 years ago#15
I though RDR was the sequel?
3 years ago#16
W0NG_FAI_HUNG posted...
I though RDR was the sequel?

2Nd game but not a sequel
3 years ago#17
Red Dead Resurgent

Red Dead Reborn

Red Dead Resurrection
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3 years ago#18
Red Dead Ridiculous

Red Dead Revolver-emption-a-lution
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3 years ago#19

Roughly, it'd fit between the Lewis & Clark expedition and the outbreak of the Civil War.

Given how the first two games really aren't connected, I don't see why this one would need to be, either.

Honestly can't think of a title that's not ridiculous, so I wont.
3 years ago#20
ecureuil posted...
It won't be, there's virtually no Wild West left during that point in the story.

My guess would be they'd set it around the time of the civil war, it could be during the war, or just before or after. Either way it could be an interesting backdrop.

This. I totally got the whole "Once Upon a Time in the West" vibe of the world changing, and civilization swallowing the wild as it moves West. Well that and the fact that it takes place in 1910 haha.

They don't have to move forward in time though. There's millions of other possible stories they could do from the western era. Even taking place at the same time as Marston.
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