REALLY getting tired of these "Reyes Rebel" outfit requirements.....

#1jsquad4136Posted 5/21/2010 12:28:46 PM
Seriously I've been at it for the last there a certain time before i can by the scrap for the outfit? It shows up in the shop but it says it's not available. Ive won a few rounds of 5 finger fillet in Torquemada but it still says that i haven't met the quota. AND i've beaten the "Love is the Opiate" quest but it still says i havent met that quota either. Do i have to do ANOTHER quest for that stupid guy? He isn't showing up again or anything. After all that trouble i went through to get that white stallion for him.....seriously this is getting aggravating.

So do i have to beat a certain number of people in 5 finger fillet?
Do i have to wait later till the scrap shows up to purchase?
And will that guy show up for another "love" quest?

#2Raiden0127Posted 5/21/2010 12:37:29 PM
Usually the scrap becomes available at the shop after a certain point. For example, a scrap for one outfit doesn't open til you beat the game (Outfit #9). As for the Stranger quest, it may be a bug in your game that'll be patched
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#3KevinConklinPosted 5/21/2010 5:38:10 PM

You have to defeat 3 competitors in 5 Finger Fillet. ($3, $10, and $25 wagers)

After completing the story to a certain point, the scrap will be available at the General Store.

The final part of "Love is the Opiate" will appear on your map in the form a large purple highlighted area in Chuparosa. Zhou is sitting on a bench by the train station. It takes a few in game days to pass after freeing Zhou before he will appear in Chuparosa.