help with shoot off 2 hats

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6 years ago#1

i don't get what i'm doing wrong , i'd tell you all the ways i've tried but the list is to long. i'm at 7 on everything else but can't finish this one. can some one tell me how exactly you do it.

6 years ago#2
I actually got this done in mexico. Sombrero hats are easiest to shoot off. Basically just aim for the very tip of the hat. I tried doing this in dead-eye and it would be a headshot everytime. So instead of doing it that way, I did it manually in real time.

Hope that works for you.
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6 years ago#3

anyone ????

6 years ago#4
I am not sure because I am not to that point yet, but I would assume you have to shoot 2 hats off of ppl.

Try it in duels also.
6 years ago#5
Shoot their hat off without killing them, and it doesn't have to be two people at the same time. Dead eye helps with this if you can't do it without them pulling a gun on you or running off. You can't mark them of course it it'll most likely be a fatal head shot so just use the slow mo of dead eye to nip their hats.
6 years ago#6
The tip as in the LID / LIP of the hat or the actual TOP of the hat itself?
6 years ago#7
The actual top of the hat itself. Not the brim. The brim will be a headshot definitely.
Former 360 Owner, PS 3 convert.
6 years ago#8
Just like it says you're supposed to shoot the hat off of two people...
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6 years ago#9

thnx , itdidn't say they couldn't die. i just blasted hats in dead eye and of course got head shot "through" the hat that goes flying.

6 years ago#10
Lol, I shoot hats off all the time without trying. Just line up headshots, you'll get it eventually.

Didn't even realize I was on that challenge till it popped up as being finished. I apparently accidentally shot the two different animals in dead eye, then did this one right after XD.

Not trying ftw! :P
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