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6 years ago#1

Must this be done in a duel, or can you just shoot the arm holding the gun without killing the person?

6 years ago#2
I did it in Free Mode just running around, got extra money for it.
6 years ago#3
Did you just aim for the arm because I am doing some bounty missions and I also need to disarm two people for a challenge. I am shooting their arm and even gun and nothing. Is there something i need to know?
6 years ago#4
i think for the challenges you have to only hit the weapon, else it does not count, fort mercer when the callenge is available in that area is great for the disarm challenges, rank 10 ftw, burt just hit up therew take the quest or not dont matter they will shoot at you either way, make sure you got tobbacco and moonshine etc, hold L2 always! you can use dead eye, refills your ammo meter but does not count as you reloading so you get full credit.

run under the wall and back out a bit so you can target their barrels as they stick them over the wall, after you disarm them once or twice they will get shy about sticking anything out , then just move around the corner to the next wall and you get a new bunch of bad guys that want to kill you and will let you disarm them once or twice.

the 2 person one you can do in any town easily with the bandana really, the fort mercer strat is the easiest way i found to do the level 10 sharpshooter challenge, disarm 6 people without reloading.
6 years ago#5
Basically just aim right above the gun hand, that's where the gun is. Rifles are also good to shoot when the enemy is behind cover.

Bandit camp missions are the places to go.

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6 years ago#6
Yea, I'm on Level 10 right now. I also need help finding the damn raccoons and skunks, expecially skunks!
6 years ago#7
Skunks seem to be really random. Good luck ^^

Raccoons you can only find at night from what I have seen and they seem to like to be near towns and roads mostly.
6 years ago#8
6 years ago#9
Night time, between Hanging Rock and Armadillo in the flat scrub land, raccoons, skunks and even some foxes.

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"There are more defective users than defective systems."
6 years ago#10
Hey, i found the easiest way to do sharpshooter challenge 8 was to use the Carcano Rifle and aim manually in dead eye, instead of marking the target. Then for challenge 9 just lay down some bait around Mescalero where are alot of coyotes and no big predators and use the volcanic pistol or Winchester repeater because they have bigger clip sizes. Hope this helps.

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